Lectures/Talks by Sargur Srihari

Titles of lectures/presentations are linked to slides used (pdf files)


Date Organization/Conference/WorkshopLocationTitle of Presentation
July 26-27, 20214th International Summer School on Deep Learning Las Palmas, Grand Canaria, SpainDeep Generative Models Part 1(Overview+RBM) Part 2(VAE) Part 3(GAN)
May 16, 2020National College BSc 1967 Bangalore, IndiaRemembering Dr. H. Narasimhaiah
May 16, 2020IEEE Bangalore Chapter Webinar Bangalore, IndiaLearning Machine Learning: Preparing for the next industrial revolution
March 11, 2020NIST Ontology Summit Washington DCProbabilistic Knowledge Graphs
Oct 20, 2019University at Buffalo Buffalo, NYNSF Artificial Intelligence Institutes
July 22-26, 20193rd International Summer School on Deep Learning Warsaw, PolandExplainable AI
July 18, 2019Indian Institute of Science, CSA Bangalore, IndiaExplainable AI
April 10, 2019NIST Ontology Summit Washington DCExplainable AI: The Probabilistic Approach
February 20, 2019National Conference on Communications Bangalore, IndiaModern Machine Learning: ML-Overview, DL-Overview, PGMs, RL-Overview
February 18, 2019University of Mysore Endowment Lecture Mysore, IndiaAI, Industrial Revolution and India
October 5, 2018Buffalo-Niagara Medical Center: AI Summit Buffalo, NYAI, Industrial Revolution and the Buffalo connection
July 20, 2018EkStep Bangalore, IndiaArtificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
July 17, 2018Indian Institute of Science, Public Lecture Bangalore, IndiaArtificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
June 25, 2018Indian Institute of Science, CSA Lecture Series on Deep Learning Bangalore, IndiaGenerative Models in Deep Learning
June 25, 2018Indian Institute of Science, CSA Lecture Series on Deep Learning Bangalore, IndiaGenerative Models in Deep Learning
June 18, 2018Indian Institute of Science, CSA Lecture Series on Deep Learning Bangalore, IndiaDeep Learning Research: Representation Learning
June 11, 2018Indian Institute of Science, CSA Lecture Series on Deep Learning Bangalore, IndiaDeep Learning: Modern Practice
June 4, 2018Indian Institute of Science, CSA Lecture Series on Deep Learning Bangalore, IndiaDeep Learning: Overview
May 9, 2018Peace Tech Summit Washington DCArtificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
January 25, 2018NIJ Impression, Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium Alexandria, VADeep Learning in Handwriting Comparison
December 28, 2017Ninth International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition (ICAPR 2017), Invited Bangalore, IndiaGenerative Models in Deep Learning
September 21, 2017Department of Biostatistics, University at Buffalo Buffalo, NYArtificial Intellengence: Current Methods and Future Prospects
August 3-4, 2017Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad, IndiaDeep Learning: One-day short course
June 25, 2017 Data Intelligence: Practitioner Focused Machine Learning, McLean, VAArtificial Intelligence: Current Methods and Prospects
June 5, 2017National Institute of Standards and Technology, Invited Gaithersburg, MDArtificial Intelligence: Principles and Methods making Human-level Performance Possible
April 25, 2017Praxair, Invited Buffalo, NYMachine Learning Overview
June 1, 2016National Institute of Standards and Technology, Invited Gaithersburg, MDTowards a Forensic Data Science
March 27, 2014International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics, Invited Valletta, MaltaQuantifying Uncertainty in Forensic Identification
February 5, 2014Document Recognition and Retrieval San Francisco, CAProbabilistic Modeling of Children's Handwriting
January 13, 2014IBM Research Labs, InvitedBangalore, IndiaLearning Causality
January 8, 2014International Conference on Signal and Image Processing, Invited Bangalore, IndiaMachine Learning and Big Data
October 2, 2013 Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS), Invited Washington DCEvaluating Likelihood Ratios in Forensic Identificationi
June 14, 2013Automatic Pattern Recognition and Historical Handwriting Analysis, InvitedErlangen, GermanyRole of Automation in the Examination of Handwritten Items
June 4, 2013National Institute of Standards and Technology: Measurement Science and Standards in Forensic Handwriting Analysis Conference, Invited Gaithersburg, MDRole of Automation in the Examination of Handwritten Items
February 21, 2013 American Academy of Forensic Sciences Washington DC1. Statistical Characterization of Handwritten items
2. Role of Automation in the Examination of Handwritten items
February 5, 2013 Document Recognition and Retrieval San Francisco, CA Combining Evidence using Likelihood Ratios in Writer Verification
November 21, 2012 Indian Institute of Science, CSA Distinguished Lecture Bangalore, India Learning Probabilistic Graphical Models from Data (Video)
November 13, 2012 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Tsukuba, Japan 1. Efficient and accrate learning of Bayesian networks using chi-squared independence tests
2. On Methods for Incorporating Evidences into Posterior Scoring of Hypotheses (poster)
September 21, 2012 International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, Invited Bari, Italy Evaluating the Probability of Identification in the forensic sciences
January 28, 2012 Document Recognition and Retrieval San Francisco, CAQuestioned Document Workflow: Example of Lindbergh Case
December 19, 2011 Indo_US Workshop on Large Scale Data Analytics and Intelligent Services Bangalore, India Probabilistic Graphical Models and Social Networks
December 16, 2011 Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Tumkur, India Learning Probabilistic Graphical Models
September 25, 2011Department of Biostatistics, University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY Probabilistic Graphical Models in Machine Learning
September 18, 2011 International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, Keynote Beijing, China Probabilistic Graphical Models in Machine Learning
April 28, 2011 Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore, India Probabilistic Graphical Models in Machine Learning
January 28, 2011 Document Recognition and Retrieval San Jose, CAStatistical Characterization of Handwriting Characteristics using Automated Tools
Nov 16-18, 2010 International Conference on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition Kolkata, India
Nov 11-13, 2010 International Workshop on Computational Forensics Tokyo, Japan
Aug 23-26, 2010 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Istanbul, Turkey
Aug 5-8, 2010 Impression and Pattern Evidence Symposium Clearwater Beach, FL1. Uncertainty, Probability and Statistics (Moderator)
2. Bias and Statistics (Moderator)
3. Probability Evaluation for Latent Prints
4. Bayesian Learning for Signature Verification
July 16, 2010 Indian Institute of ScienceBangalore, IndiaContent-based Retrieval of Footwear Images
July 15, 2010 Amrita UniversityBangalore, IndiaStatistics and Data Mining
June 14, 2010 NIJ Conference Arlington, VA Panel on Impression Evidence: Strengthening the Disciplines Through Research
May 7, 2010 Computational Modeling of Objects in ImagesBuffalo, NYComputational Forensics
Mar 10, 2010 UB Gifted Math ProgramBuffalo, NY Software Tools for Crime Scene Investigation
Jan 29, 2010 National Symposium on Indigent DefenseWashington, DC Probability Models for Pattern and Impression Evidence
Jan 21, 2010 SPIE Document Recognition and Retrieval ConferenceSan Jose, CA Comparison of Historical Documents for Writership
Dec 14, 2009InfosysBangalore, India Machine Learning
Dec 11, 2009Indian Institute of ScienceBangalore, India Gaussian Processes: Tutorial and Applications
Dec 11, 2009Adobe India Distinguished LectureBangalore, India Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition: Recent Advances
Dec 7, 2009National University of Malaysia(UKM)Putrajaya, MalaysiaMachine Learning
Dec 6, 2009Int. Conf. Soft Computing and Pattern RecognitionMalacca, MalaysiaRecent Developments in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Dec 4, 2009Universiti Putra MalaysiaPutra, MalaysiaComputational Forensics
Dec 1, 2009Universiti Technologi MalaysiaSkudai, MalaysiaDocument Analysis and Recognition
August 18, 2009International Association for IdentificationTampa, FLComputational Analysis of Shoeprint Images
August 13-14, 2009Int. Workshop on Computational ForensicsThe Hague, Netherlands1. Legal Issues in Handwriting Analysis
2. Discriminability of Fingerprints of Twins
3. Bayesian Signature Verification
4. Individuality of Fingerprints
July 26, 2009Int. Conf. Document Analysis and RecognitionBarcelona, Spain Semi-supervised Learning for Handwriting Recognition
July 2, 2009Foster+FreemanEvesham, UKComputational Methods for Analysis of Shoeprint Impression Evidence
June 30, 2009Telecom Paris TechParis, FranceWriter Verification and Identification
April 25, 2009UB-CSE Alumni SymposiumAmherst, NYComputer Science and Engineering: A Retrospective
April 16, 2009Southeastern Association of Forensic Document ExaminersAtlanta, GACasework with CedarFox
April 13, 2009Indian Institute of ScienceBangalore, India Generative Models and Probability Evaluation in Forensics
April 8, 2009Saudi AramcoDhahran, Saudi Arabia Machine Learning: Overview and an Application in Oil Industry.
April 4-7, 2009 King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsDhahran, Saudi Arabia1. CEDARABIC: A System to Retrieve Information from Scanned Arabic Documents
2. Machine Learning Short Course
March 9, 2009 San Jose State UniversitySan Jose, CAProbability of Random Correspondence of Fingerprints
February 19, 2009American Academy of Forensic SciencesDenver, CO Individuality of Handwriting: A Twins Study.
January 20, 2009Document Recognition and Retrieval XVISan Jose, CAComparison of Statistical Models for Writer Verification
December 9, 2008International Conference on Pattern RecognitionTampa, FLGenerative Models for Fingerprint Individuality using Ridge Models
December 3, 2008International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital LibrariesBali, IndonesiaLanguage Independent Word Spotting in Scanned Documents
October 23, 2008TelcordiaPiscataway, NJArtificial Intelligence in the Post Office and the Police Department"[20MB]
September 24, 2008Indian Institute of Science, Department of Computer Science and AutomationBangalore, IndiaMachine Learning using Bayesian Approaches
September 16, 2008Eighth International Workshopn on Document Analysis Systems Nara, JapanAutomatic Verification of Handwritten Arabic
September 10, 2008SWGTREAD Fall MeetingStafford, VAComputational Approaches to Shoeprint Identification
August 21, 2008International Conference on Handwriting RecognitionMontreal, CanadaAdaptation in Handwriting Recogntion
August 20, 2008International Asssociation for IdentificationLouisville, KYComputational Approaches to Shoeprint Verification
August 7, 2008International Workshop on Computational ForensicsWashington DC1. Computational Forensics
2. Shoe-print Extraction from Latent Images using CRFs
3. Computational Methods for determining individuality
4. Bayesian Signature Verification
July 21, 2008National Institute of Justice ConferenceArlington, VAPanel on "Confirmation Bias in Fingerprint Examination: Issues and Solutions"
June 1, 2008Netherlands Forensic InstituteThe Hague, NetherlandsComputational Forensics
May 30, 2008 Lund University Mathematical SciencesLund, Sweden Doctoral Opponent: Template Based Recognition of On-Line Handwriting, Jakob Sternby
May 29, 2008Lund University Mathematical SciencesLund, SwedenMachine Learning: New Paradigms and Perspectives
May 27, 2008Norwegian Information Security LaboratoryGjovik, NorwayComputational Forensics
May 26, 2008KriposOslo, NorwayComputational Forensics
April 30, 2008Yahoo!Bangalore, IndiaMachine Learning: New Paradigms and Perspectives
April 29, 2008Infosys Distinguished Lecture SeriesBangalore, IndiaMachine Learning: New Paradigms and Perspectives
April 28, 2008University of MysoreMysore, IndiaMachine Learning: New Paradigms and Perspectives
April 21-25, 2008 International School of Information Management Bangalore, IndiaMachine Learning Workshop
April 12, 2008Southwest Association of Forensic Document Examiners (SWAFDE)San Diego, CACEDAR-FOX System
February 18, 2008American Academy of Forensic SciencesWashington, DC1. Computational Methods for Questioned Document Examination
2. CEDAR-FOX System
January 30, 2008Document Recognition and Retrieval XVSan Jose, CA1. Writer Adaptation in Handwritten Arabic Recognition
2. Robust segmentation of handwritten lines
3. Handwritten word segmentation using local and global features
November 12, 2007International Graphonomics Society ConferenceMelbourne, Australia1. Segmentation of Overlapping Handwritten Lines
2. Automatic Writer Verification with Handwriting of Twins
September 25, 2007International Conference on Document Analysis and RecognitionCuritiba, Brazil1. On Computing the Strength of Evidence in Writer Verification
2. Automatic Word Recognition Using Conditional Random Fields
August 30, 2007International Workshop on Computational Forensics (Third Int Symp. Information Assurance and Security)Manchester, England1. Computational Forensics: Towards Hybrid-Intelligent Crime Solving
2. Use of Ridge Types in Generative Models of Fingerprint Individuality
July 25, 2007International Association for IdentificationSan Diego, CAIndividuality of Fingerprints
July 12, 2007National Forensic Science Technology CenterLargo, FLQD Handwriting Software
June 24, 2007Indian Institute of Science Global Conference 2007Santa Clara, CAIndia-US Research Collaborations
May 1, 2007Pearson Knowledge TechnologiesBoulder, COComputational Approaches to Scoring Handwritten Resposes in Reading Comprehension Tests
May 1, 2007University of Colorado, Institute for Cognitive SciencesBoulder, COComputer Processing of Handwriting in Documents
April 9, 2007Biometric Technology for Human Identification IVOrlando, FLUse of Ridge Points in Partial Fingerprint Matching
April 4, 2007NIJ Applied Technology ConferenceGarden Grove, CAComputational Methods for the Comparison of Extended Handwriting and Signatures
March 16, 2007 International School of Information Management, University of MysoreMysore, IndiaLanguage Models for Text Recognition
February 26, 2007Pitney-Bowes Research Southbury, CTPattern Recognition and Machine Learning
February 9, 2007National Institute of JusticeWashington DC Computational Forensics: The CEDAR-FOX System
February 1, 2007Document Recognition and Retrieval XIV (SPIE)San Jose, CA1. A Statistical Method of Handwritten Line Segmentation
2. Segmentation of Documents using Conditional Random Fields
January 31, 2007Google Research Mountain View, CAMeeting of the Minds: Machine Learning in Language Related Technologies
January 12, 2007International Joint Conference on Artificial IntelligenceHyderabad, IndiaOn the Automatic Scoring of Handwritten Essays
January 4, 2007Hewlett-Packard Research LaboratoriesBangalore, IndiaMeeting of the Minds: Machine Learning in Language-Related Technologies
December 29, 2006International Symposium on Cognition and Recognition, PESITBangalore, IndiaMeeting of the Minds: Machine Learning in Language-Related Technologies
December 22, 2006Indian Institute of Technology Computer Science and Engineering DepartmentMumbai, IndiaMeeting of the Minds: Automatic Handwritten Essay Scoring
December 16, 2006 International Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing Madurai, IndiaMachine learning for Signature Verification
December 8, 2006 International Conference on Signal and Image Processing Hubli, IndiaNew Paradigms in Pattern Recognition
November 4, 2006 National Conference on Science, Technology and Law St. Petersburg, FLPanel on Legal Issues in Fingerprint Identification
October 26, 2006 International Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition La Baule, FranceMapping Transcripts to Handwriting
September 29, 2006 Descartes Conference on Mathematical Models in Counter-Terrorism Washington, DCConditional Random Fields in Document Retrieval
September 28, 2006 Summit on Arabic and Chinese Handwriting College Park, MDVersatile Retrieval of Arabic Documents
August 9, 2006Educational Testing ServicePrinceton, NJAutomatic Interpretation adn Assessment of Handwritten Answer Documents
July 5, 2006 International Association for Identification Conference Boston, MAQuantity of Minutiae and Verification Accuracy
April 27, 2006 Document Image Analysis for Libraries Conference Lyons, FranceDocument Image Retrieval Using Signatures as Queries
April 21, 2006 Michigan State University, Computer Science Department Distinguished Lecture Series East Lansing, MIComputer Processing of Handwriting in Documents
April 17, 2006 Biometric Technology for Human Identification III (SPIE) Orlando, FloridaROC and Likelihood Methods in Fingerprint Identification
February 14, 2006 Document Analysis Systems VII Workshop Nelson, New ZealandScoring Handwritten School Essays Using LSA
January 31, 2006 NIJ Technology Partnership Workshop Hilton Head, SC
January 18, 2006 Document Recognition and Retrieval XIII (SPIE) San Jose, CaliforniaSpotting Words in Handwritten Arabic Documents
December 29, 2005 International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, India
December 27, 2005 Malnad Engineering College Hassan, India
December 22, 2005 International Conference on Cognition and Recognition Mysore, India
December 20, 2005 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
November 11, 2005 European Conference of Forensic Handwriting Experts(ENFHEX) Budapest, Hungary
November 4, 2005 MITRE Workshop on Metrics College Park, MD
November 3, 2005 Symp. Document Image Understanding Technology(SDIUT) College Park, MD
August 29, 2005 Int. Conf. Document Analysis and Recognition(ICDAR) Seoul, Korea
August 13, 2005 American Society of Questioned Document Examiners(ASQDE) Montreal, Canada
June 29, 2005 International Graphonomics Society Conference (IGS) Salerno, Italy
June 23, 2005 University at Buffalo Summer Lecture Series Buffalo, New York
June 13, 2005 Florida Department of Education Tallahassee, Florida
March 28, 2005 Homeland Secuirity and Homeland Defense VI (SPIE) Orlando, Florida
March 15, 2005 Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India
March 13, 2005 Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta, India
January 21, 2005 Document Image Analysis for Libraries Conference Palo Alto, CA
January 20, 2005 Document Recognition and Retrieval XI(SPIE) San Jose, California