Postal Address Reading in Real Time

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  ° image analysis hardware

      · fax decompression

      · image enhancement

      · object contour tracing

  ° software

      · knitting

      · address block location

        ° chain code conversion

        ° block segmentation

        ° segment refinement

        ° print discrimination

        ° block ranking

        ° block combination

      · contour filter

      · hwai

        ° line separation

        ° digit/punctuation id

        ° word separation

        ° parsing

        ° ZIP segmentation

        ° database queries

        ° word recognition



Handwriting/Machine-Print Discrimination

This tool assigns a flag to each segmented block (both from primary and secondary segmentation), which represents the print method of the block (i.e. handwritten or machine-printed). This flag is determined based on the frequency of different component heights in the segmented block. It is assumed that a block with differing heights is handwritten and a block with uniform component heights is machine printed. This print-method discrimination is used downstream in the system to forward the handwritten address blocks to the Handwritten Address Interpretation system while the machine-print images are rejected (at this time).