Postal Address Reading in Real Time

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  ° image analysis hardware

      · fax decompression

      · image enhancement

      · object contour tracing

  ° software

      · knitting

      · address block location

        ° chain code conversion

        ° block segmentation

        ° segment refinement

        ° print discrimination

        ° block ranking

        ° block combination

      · contour filter

      · hwai

        ° line separation

        ° digit/punctuation id

        ° word separation

        ° parsing

        ° ZIP segmentation

        ° database queries

        ° word recognition



Block Ranking

In order to determine which segmented block is a potential address block, each segmented region is examined by a collection of relatively simple tools. Block ranking tools:

  1. extract individual block features (size, layout, and location),

  2. combine labeling evidence to produce uniform labeling of segmented blocks, [6] and

  3. use heuristics based on spatial relationships between blocks to verify consistency between block labeling.