Postal Address Reading in Real Time

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  ° image analysis hardware

      · fax decompression

      · image enhancement

      · object contour tracing

  ° software

      · knitting

      · address block location

        ° chain code conversion

        ° block segmentation

        ° segment refinement

        ° print discrimination

        ° block ranking

        ° block combination

      · contour filter

      · hwai

        ° line separation

        ° digit/punctuation id

        ° word separation

        ° parsing

        ° ZIP segmentation

        ° database queries

        ° word recognition



Address Block Segmentation

The current Address Block Location software consists of 5 different segmentation tools that group either the standard connected components or the pseudo-connected components into lines and blocks representing candidate destination address regions. These five segmentation tools include:

Each segmentation tool produces its own list of candidate regions that are later independently ranked and the lists combined. Using five segmentation schemes makes the system more robust and easier to tune. The size of components and distance between them are the primary measures used to group components into lines and blocks. The Postcard segmentation and Grid-based segmentation tools also use spatial information to help segment the mail piece into meaningful regions.