Postal Address Reading in Real Time

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  ° image analysis hardware

      · fax decompression

      · image enhancement

      · object contour tracing

  ° software

      · knitting

      · address block location

        ° chain code conversion

        ° block segmentation

        ° segment refinement

        ° print discrimination

        ° block ranking

        ° block combination

      · contour filter

      · hwai

        ° line separation

        ° digit/punctuation id

        ° word separation

        ° parsing

        ° ZIP segmentation

        ° database queries

        ° word recognition




Once the chain code data for the unenhanced and enhanced image are produced, software running on general purpose processors attempts to locate and encode the address. Currently, three Themis 10HS-66 general purpose processors with 128 Megabytes of memory are being used. These single board computers have a 66 MHz Hypersparc running the VxWorks Real-Time Operating system[11]. For future expansion, additional or faster processors (e.g. 100 MHz) could easily be used in the system to achieve higher throughput.

The software running on these processors knits the left and right chain code, locates the address block, determines the print method of the address, and if it's handwritten then the address is ``read'' to determine the delivery point information.

Initially, the chain code corresponding to the unenhanced image is examined by the software and if it is unable to yield a delivery point encode, then the chain code corresponding to the enhanced image is used. The use of both unenhanced and enhanced image data improves the performance of the system.

The following pages describe each software tasks running on the general purpose processor in greater detail.